March 13, 2023

53: Dr. Erin Ayala – Actions, Thoughts, and Feelings that Athletes Need in Order to Maximize Their Performance and Mental Health

In this Episode

When you imagine a high-performance athlete, what qualities do they possess? Determination perhaps? Grit? Tenacity? According to today’s guest, self-compassion is actually the key to success.

This week Sara chats with Sports Psychologist Dr. Erin Ayala. Beginning as a professor of Sports Psychology, Erin now takes on clients in all realms of sport – from triathletes to golfers, to rock climbers.

Erin shares some key takeaways from the athletes she’s worked with, highlighting the importance of self-compassion and a growth mindset.

Erin and Sara discuss how levels of arousal can alter our ability to perform as we move from rational to emotional thinking and even gives some insight into Feisty Media’s latest project!

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