April 3, 2023

56: Gina Lucrezi, Founder of Trail Sisters – No Trail Sister Left Behind

In this Episode

When social media posts, conversations, and even shouting from the podiums about inequality in the outdoor industry is no longer an option, you take action and develop the change that you want to see.

That is how Gina Lucrezi started Trail Sisters, an online community for female-identifying trail runners and hikers, that she started in 2016.

As a professional runner who also worked in the outdoor industry, Lucrezi saw firsthand the lack of representation and resources for women on the trails. As she writes, “The path to expanding women’s representation and opportunity in the outdoors is not only accomplished by participation on the trails, but also by women speaking up for what they want and deserve.”

Enter Trail Sisters.

What started as an online journal has turned into a multi-faceted business complete with education resources, articles, gear reviews, merchandise, retreats, local trail sisters groups, races, and even an official “Trail-Sisters Approved” designation for races.

Today, you’ll hear:

  • The birth of Trail Sisters as an online journal
  • How it went from side hustle to full-time jobs for her and her husband
  • Why building and engaging a community is good for business
  • Details on the many initiatives of Trail Sisters and the various ways they make money
  • What it means to be a Trail Sisters certified event
  • Advice for passion-driven entrepreneurs

“If you want to make an impact,” she says, “you’ve got to serve a purpose that’s larger than the financial aspect. Create things that help the community.” That community will support you.And, that’s what being a trail sister is all about.

Trail Sisters Website: https://trailsisters.net

Trail Sisters Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trail_sisters/

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