February 9, 2022

68: March to Your Own Drummer with Jennifer Maxwell (Episode 68)

In this Episode

Sometimes life sidelines us, knocking us off the path we thought we’d be on forever, or at least for the foreseeable future. Menopause can certainly trip us up. But so can many other random, sometimes terrible, events we never saw coming. And sometimes we end up contending with all of it. This week’s guest, Jennifer Maxwell, knows all about that and talks about how she has maintained her athleticism, passion, and profession while raising six kids after losing her husband unexpectedly.

Jennifer is a nutritionist, food scientist, and the co-founder of the original energy bar, PowerBar along with her late husband Brian. She is currently the CEO and founder of JAM Foods, the maker of JAMBAR energy bars. She is also a competitive runner, the mother of six children, and an accomplished drummer who performs in two San Francisco Bay Area bands. You can learn more about her and her work with JAM Foods at jambar.com.

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