January 25, 2022

70: DEI, Antiracism or Both? (Episode 70)

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Any parent knows that no two children are exactly the same. They each have their own style of communication, problem solving, and conflict resolving (or creating). Just like siblings, not all DEI training programs are created equally. Each program depends on the area of expertise of the professional that created it. If you are seeing out DEI training for your organization it is important to recognize this. You do not have to already be an expert in DEI or the exact training that you need, but you should have some clarity about the specific issues within your organization that you want the training to address. This can help steer your selection of a DEI professional, and also help them guide and structure the education that they are providing.

Diversity, equity and inclusion, or DEI, is an umbrella term that encompasses many aspects. Although anti racism training has become highly sought after in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, it is important to realize that not all DEI training addresses anti racism specifically. But it is possible to build an educational framework for a DEI program that has anti racism concepts built in at every level. This creates a process that puts a foundation in place on which you can build and advance your education.


This week on the podcast, Shaunna and Lisa discuss how DEI professionals can help structure programming and education that incorporates anti racism training. Doing so allows you to do the difficult, and sometimes uncomfortable work, of building toward a future of making peace.

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