February 23, 2022

70: You Belong with Elizabeth Allen (Episode 70)

In this Episode

We all want to belong. That desire can increase during the menopause transition, when having a community to share experiences with helps us feel less alone. But making those connections isn’t always easy, especially when culture doesn’t include you. This week’s guest, long time athlete Elizabeth Allen, who identifies as a Black, plus-sized GenXer (who is also now firmly in the menopause transition) knows all about that.

Elizabeth was recently honored as a “Change Maker in Cycling” by Stamina Racing Collective for helping change the cycling and larger outdoor industry to be more inclusive and welcoming to People of Color. We dive into that, as well as how women of different races experience menopause. Along with being the Associate Director of Organizational Development, Training, and Culture for the Valley Youth House for vulnerable, abused, and homeless youth, Elizabeth is a social media content creator specializing in outdoor activities and social media takeovers for gravel cycling events. She shares her outdoor adventures at Turtle Wandering on YouTube and Instagram.

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