November 13, 2023

86: Silvia Blemker, PhD – Using AI To Propel Women’s Performance

In this Episode

Imagine a world where we leverage AI to solve problems in human health, propel human performance, and close the gender gap in research. Thanks to Dr. Silvia Blemker, a professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Virginia, and her team at Springbok Analytics, that is happening at a rapid pace. Dr. Blemker and her team are changing our understanding of muscle repair and how to stop muscle degeneration – something we all need as we age.

As a founder of Springbok Analytics, Silvia uses AI-powered technology to deliver detailed insights for muscle health, performance, and longevity across both males and females, advancing medicine for all and finally closing the gender gap that is prevalent in scientific research.

Today, Silvia discusses her current research projects, how sex differences affect every part of our body, how AI is creating rapid change for women’s health and sports performance, and most importantly, why women have better calves (you can’t argue with science!)

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