December 18, 2023

91: Gina Grain – Strength and Conditioning to Improve Athletic Resilience and Economy

In this Episode

Sometimes successful performance in athletics involves a massive pivot. This is the case with today’s guest, Gina Grain.

Growing up as a soccer player, Gina had aspirations of playing in the Olympic games, but multiple knee surgeries and injuries sidelined her dream and she was told she would never run again. A friend at the gym where she lifted weights suggested cycling and she did eventually make it to the 2008 Olympic Games — as a track cyclist.

Gina holds a Master’s in Exercise Science, focusing on strength and conditioning, and now works with clients of all ages and levels in her business Train with Grain. She has been in the strength and conditioning field for over 20 years and has worked with World Champions, Olympians, and people striving for better health and personal greatness.

Gina and Sara discuss:

  • Her athletic journey and giving into her raw athletic talent to go from soccer to elite-level cycling
  • A harrowing race at the 2008 Olympics, where she finished ninth
  • Her early love of weight training and its impact on her cycling performance
  • Working with endurance athletes on both strength and conditioning to improve resilience and running economy
  • Adapting (or not!) strength and conditioning programs for aging athletes
  • Introducing plyometrics, balance, spatial awareness, and postural work for master’s athletes

Gina’s programs are available in-person and online at and her YouTube channel is also at @trainwithgrain

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