February 5, 2024

95: Running the Show: Oiselle President, Atsuko Tamura, Talks Leadership in Women’s Athletics

In this Episode

Today, Sara Gross is joined by Atsuko Tamura, former president of Seatlle-based Oiselle, a women’s running apparel company.

They discuss:

  • How her upbringing as a first generation Japanese immigrant shaped her personality and work ethic
  • What qualities she carries with her today as a former competitive swimmer
  • Her background in the outdoor industry from cashier to SeniorVicePresidentofStrategy,Marketing,Communications,andPublicAffairs at REI
  • Her tenacity to find a way to get what you want (even if it means writing your own job description!)
  • Spotting potential in others and nurturing talent

And, as president of Oiselle (until February 1st!), Atsuko also highlights the importance of women-led and women-owned brands and the impact of sports on personal growth.

As she says, “When women’s hearts are full,theybuildcommunity. Theygoout, theygather,andtheygrow.”

As Atsuko demonstrates, women have the power totransformcommunitiesandlives.

And thatcanchangetheworld.

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