February 26, 2024

98: Soaring in Sport and Business with Arielle Knutson

In this Episode

Sara welcomes Arielle Knutson, the new CEO of Oiselle, a women’s running apparel brand focused on empowering women and building a supportive community.

Arielle shares her journey from marketing at Nuun Hydration to leading Oiselle, emphasizing the value of marketing to women in sports to build confidence and experience the transformative power of sports and community.

Knutson, a lifelong athlete, reflects on her background in gymnastics, and her transition to running and IRONMAN triathlon, highlighting the impact sports have played on her own self-discovery, goal-setting skills, and discipline.

Sports, of course, also translate into her leadership style, where she emphasizes transparency, personal connection, and predictability as key elements in her effective team leadership.

Arielle and Sara also share advice for women aspiring to senior leadership roles, including:

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome,
  • The role of mentors in personal and professional growth
  • The importance of asking questions and continuous learning
  • Embracing challenges with confidence and openness

Since her time at Nuun, Arielle has been pioneering growth in sports and business for women. Now, at the helm of Oiselle, she’s ready to soar.

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