March 4, 2024

99: Become a Tough Broad – How Outdoor Adventure Improves our Lives as We Age with Caroline Paul

In this Episode

Young people don’t have a clue about our potential as aging women and, you know what? Most aging women don’t either. We’re fed a narrative that we’re supposed to slow down as we age, become less adventurous, and settle into a more “stable” cautious life.

A pervasive myth, even, is that women no longer want these aspects of fun, recklessness and exhilaration, but is this true?

Author, Caroline Paul, explores this topic in today’s conversation with Sara Gross.

Her latest book, TOUGH BROAD, is a deeply researched exploration into the science and psychology of the outdoors and our place in it as we age. Caroline spoke with adventurous women around the country about their aging journeys and the activities that have changed their lives– including BASE jumping, wing-walking, flying, swimming, orienteering, walking, scuba diving, boogie boarding and BMX riding– and examines the different ways that activity and the outdoors can help us age better, become happier, and improve our spirit, mind, body, and heart.

As you’ll hear, it’s never too late to learn and explore something new, even if it is just a simple walk outdoors. Our brain is constantly rewiring and can become even more innovative and creative with our pursuits as we age.

So whether it’s bird watching, mountain biking, or (yes) even wing walking, know that adventure awaits, regardless of your age.


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