March 30, 2023

Ashley Rankin – Founder/Owner/Designer at SHREDLY – Building a “Bigger than Life” Brand

In this Episode

Cyclists these days have some pretty rad kits. From matching bibs to helmet, to funky patterns, the cycling industry can be a hard place to squeeze into as a designer. This week we welcome Ashley Rankin the CEO and founder of SHREDLY – a women’s bike and outdoor apparel company. Ashley shares all of her tips and tricks on how to navigate your way in this space and stay original.

The duo discusses how to start a company as a one-woman show, and the importance of having a strong team as you get bigger. Further, Ashley shares the ways she was surprised when starting this business, and how much it helps to have a mentor. Finally, Ashley discusses how she draws her inspiration and how annoying it is when Apple makes a bigger iphone.


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