October 13, 2022

Business of Fitness – Writing and Editing in The Fitness Industry with Rosael Torres Davis (Episode 31) – The Feisty Women’s Performance Podcast

In this Episode

Becoming an editor at a top magazine in the fitness space isn’t easy—and it’s not a straightforward path, either. For Rosael Torres Davis, it took sharing a really comical Twitter thread—and it snowballed from there. This week, Molly talks to Rosael about writing and editing within the cycling space – and what this looks like as a woman.

Rosael is now special projects editor for Bicycling Magazine. She shares her keys to success, and how she sets boundaries between her work and private life. Rosael and Molly discuss dealing with ‘feedback’ online… and how to craft the perfect pitch, if you’re hoping to write for a magazine like Bicycling.

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