November 23, 2023

Catching up with Feisty’s Sara Gross about how to go viral, e-courses + the upcoming Feisty Business Accelerator

In this Episode

“Entrepreneurship,” says Feisty Media CEO Sara Gross, “is like a bike race. Some days you’re just grinding it out and sitting in the pack, but you’re also waiting for those moments when you need to gear up and just go for it. Recognizing those moments,” she says, “can be the difference between winning and losing.”In a crossover with Feisty Media’s Women’s Performance Podcast, Sara Gross shares her entrepreneurship insights on how to evolve as a leader in a growing media company and continue to make compelling content that both inspires and pays the bills.

They discuss how Sara and Feisty Media balance multiple online and in-person projects, how they make viral content, plus how and when to take the leap into new initiatives.They also talk highlights from the upcomingFeisty Business Accelerator, taking place January 4th and 5th in conjunction with USAT’s Endurance Exchange conference, and why continuing education is vital – even for the most seasoned entrepreneur.In particular, they discuss:

  • What Sara and Feisty Media have learned from developing and selling online courses
  • How to foster a successful and engaged community
  • The value of being in person at flagship events like the IRONMAN World Championship
  • How to make content that people actually want to consume – and steps to making that content go viral
  • How continuing education as a CEO helped Sara feel more confident in her role
  • How Sara learned to hone in on her leadership instincts
  • Networking the right way and what you’ll learn by attending the upcomingFeisty Business Acceleratorin January

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