February 4, 2021

On the Front Lines of Change with Kathryn Bertine (S14E5)

In this Episode

This week Alyssa and Haley welcome back author, athlete and activist Kathryn Bertine. Kathryn retired from professional cycling in 2017 but has remained a fierce advocate for gender equity in the sport. Her most recent book Stand: A Memoir on Activism. A Manual for Progress details the ups and downs of challenges she faced confronting the injustices in women’s sport. She talks with Alyssa and Haley about being putting herself out there in writing the book, and also why she felt it was important to be vulnerable when she is standing up for women’s equity in cycling.

Kathryn also gives her advice on how we can all work together to create change in sporting culture, and reminds us that both men and women are equally part of the journey.

You can find all of Kathryn’s books as well as her documentary Half the Road on her website kathrynbertine.com and follow her on Instagram @kathryn_bertine

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