January 30, 2020

Pioneer – Dexter Yeats (S12E2)

In this Episode

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat with Dexter Yeats, the oldest female competitor at Kona in 2019. Dexter talks about how she got started in triathlon, how the sport has changed through the decades, and what keeps her going to chase that finish line. From learning to swim to missing the qualification for Kona several times, Dexter has faced her fair share of challenges but never let anything stop her. She shares priceless wisdom on getting out of your comfort zone and being a trailblazer. At 74 years old, Dexter shows no sign of slowing down – so watch out 75+ ladies.

Plus, Alyssa preps for IM New Zealand, Haley preps for the Olympic trials, and our hosts answer a mailbag question about racing a marathon before a 70.3.

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