August 11, 2022

Pushing Farther with Leanda Cave & Jenny Fletcher (S17E30)

In this Episode

If you think an Ironman is long…you should try an Ultraman! An Ultraman takes place over three days and consists of 10km of swimming, 421 km of cycling, and 84km of running. That is no joke. This week, Haley and Alyssa talk to Leanda Cave and Jenny Fletcher. Leanda is a “retired” World Triathlon Champion and Ironman champion, with her career spanning over 18 years. Becoming a professional triathlete in 2010, Jenny Fletcher is an acclaimed Ironman winner.

This past month, Leanda raced Ultraman Canada with her close friend, Jenny Fletcher crewing along the way. Haley and Alyssa get the inside scoop of Leanda’s race, and what it was like for Jenny to support her friend through such a grueling endeavor.

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