September 30, 2021

Racing For Gold with Kendall Gretsch (S16E4)

In this Episode

On this week’s episode, Haley & Alyssa are joined by Paralympic Gold medalist Kendall Gretsch. Kendall fought her way to a gold medal in the women’s Paratriathlon Wheelchair (PTWC), winning the race in its Paralympic debut by just one second in an exciting sprint finish. She tells us what was going through her mind in those moments of the race, breaks down her race tactics, and shares how she prepared both mentally and physically for the race. Kendall has been competing in Paratriathlon since 2012, with Tokyo 2020 being the first time that her race classification was included in the Paralympics, she expresses how she felt that her gold medal was an effort from both herself and her team that was nine years in the making.

The Games in Tokyo were not the first for Kendall, she also competed at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Paralympics in biathlon and nordic skiing, winning gold in both events. With the 2022 winter Paralympics slated to start in just a few months, Kendall details how she’s now getting into her prep for the winter season in hopes to qualify for the upcoming Games. Kendall’s focus and dedication to all of her sports make her a truly world class all-season athlete.

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