March 24, 2022

Rookie Mistakes with Mary Cain (S17E12)

In this Episode

This week on Ironwomen, we discuss the joys of winning and the joy of losing. Haley shares her experience winning the Challenge Puerto Varas race this past weekend, while Mary Cain – our special guest, could barely get her helmet on at the Claremont Triathlon.

Mary Cain is a professional middle-distance runner who got her start in athletics very early on in life. Cain is the youngest person to ever represent the U.S. at the Track and Field World Championship and was deemed the fastest girl of her generation. Trying something new, Cain recently attempted her very first triathlon, and in her words, “did everything wrong”. Coming 23rd, she gives us a debrief on what it is like to try something new and the joy that can come from releasing expectations and just having fun.

Follow Mary on Instagram at @runmarycain

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