February 24, 2022

Stay Focussed with Sara Perez Sala (S17E8)

In this Episode

This week on the show, Haley and Alyssa bring us an interview with Spanish professional triathlete Sara Perez Sala. Sara has been racing on the WTS circuit for almost 10 years, but she burst onto the long course scene last year with her 4th place finish at Challenge Miami, and 2nd place finish at the Challenge Championships in Slovakia.

A life-long athlete, Sara swam for her country as a breaststroker in the 2004 Olympics in Athens. Shortly after, she switched to triathlon and fell in love with the sport. As a professional athlete that also works full time, she talks about how she fits in her training, and why it is important to her to take an off-season break to let her body rest. Sara is an athlete that is not afraid to take on new challenges, and through her career she has also raced cyclocross, BMX, road cycling, and time trials on the bike. Sara also shares why she feels like having non-athletic parents has allowed her to thrive and follow her own path as an athlete, and her favorite things to bake when she is taking a rest day.

Follow Sara on Instagram: @saraperezsala

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