March 18, 2021

Stay Ready with Atlanta Tri Sisters: Julie M.T. Walker, Dr. Debra G. Carlton & Melanie Reed (S14E11)

In this Episode

This week’s show features not one, but two great interviews! First up Haley & Alyssa catch up with professional triathlete Jackie Hering. Jackie was the third place finisher at last week’s Challenge Miami pro race; she gives us a recap of how the race went for her, and how her winter training in Madison, WI helped her prepare for this race.

Our second interview features three members of the Atlanta Tri Sisters; Julie M.T. Walker, Dr. Debra G. Carlton, and Melanie Reed. We last spoke with Julie in June of 2020 after she had received the USAT Spirit of Multisport award, and we are pleased to welcome her back with Debra and Melanie. Together the three make up the board of the ATS Club, which has grown to nearly 70 members after starting out with just 7 in 2015. The Atlanta Tri Sisters’ mission is to introduce the sport of triathlon to the black community, diversify the sport of triathlon, and serve as a resource for black women and their families for swimming, biking & running. They provide their members with group workouts, coaches, and training plans for all levels of triathletes, and they have some BIG plans to keep growing and diversifying the sport of triathlon in Atlanta in 2021 and beyond.

To support the Atlanta Tri Sisters, visit their website at

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