January 6, 2022

Stronger Together: Protecting the Planet in 2022 and Beyond with Finn van der Aar (S17E1)

In this Episode

On our first episode of 2022, Haley and Alyssa are welcoming a special guest; surfer, marine scientist, and climate activist Finn van der Aar. Finn is a marine mammal observer and scientist in her home country of Ireland. She talks about what her job entails, and how that puts her on the front line of observing the effects of climate change. As a surfer and swimmer, Finn is an all around lover of the ocean. She gives us some of her best tips on the small changes we can all make this year to move toward more earth-friendly practices whether at home, out training, or on the race course.

Follow Finn on Instagram @saltwaterstories.me and visit her website at https://www.saltwaterstories.me


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