March 25, 2021

That Triathlon Life with Paula Findlay (S14E12)

In this Episode

This week on the show Alyssa and Haley welcome back professional triathlete Paula Findlay. Paula’s most recent races include a huge win at the PTO Championships at Challenge Daytona this past December, and a 7th place finish at Challenge Miami last weekend. She gives us a breakdown of how the race went for her, and how she prepped for a hot race in the winter months in North America.

Paula tells us about the highs and lows of travelling to race across North America this year, how she stays focussed on performing her best, and the big life changes this off-season has brought for her. You can check out Paula and Eric’s vlogs on their YouTube channel That Triathlon Life, and visit their website

Haley and Alyssa share some exciting news, and Alyssa fills us in on how her return to running is going in her recovery.

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