September 21, 2020

Try Organizing – Alicia Kaye (Mini Episode 33)

In this Episode

On this week’s mini episode Haley chats with recently retired professional triathlete Alicia Kaye. Since stepping back from professional racing, Alicia launched Try Organizing, a home organization company that helps clients create the organized space of their dreams. Alicia tells us how her career as a professional athlete led her to create Try Organizing and how she is using her degrees in counselling and psychology to best serve her clients. She lets us in on how being organized helps her clients be more productive throughout the day and where we can start if we’re looking to sort through all that triathlon gear. Listen in as Alicia lays out her top rules for staying organized and give tips for thinking through how to organize your space.

For more organizational tips visit Alicia’s website at and follow her on Instagram @tryorganizing

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