January 27, 2022

Fueling Your Best Self with Elizabeth Inpyn (S17E4)

In this Episode

This week on the show Haley and Alyssa sit down with triathlete and Certified Sports Nutritionist Elizabeth Inpyn. She is the founder of INPYN, a nutrition coaching company that provides support for athletes of all levels to reach their athletic and wellness goals. Elizabeth studied chemistry and biology at UC Santa Barbara, where she also swam and played water polo at the collegiate level. After college she was given a bike as a birthday gift, this sparked her interest in triathlon and she has been in love with the sport ever since.

While training with her triathlon club, Elizabeth noticed that there was a lot of misinformation being shared about nutrition that didn’t make sense to her on a scientific level. This prompted her to go back to school and earn her Masters in Health Science and become a certified sports nutritionist through the ISSN. Through her nutritional coaching at INPYN, Elizabeth focuses on creating fueling and nutrition practices that will support health, wellness, and longevity in sport for her athletes. She discusses with Haley and Alyssa the prevalence of disordered eating in athletes, how endurance athletes are particularly susceptible to underfueling, and how this can have a myriad of negative impacts on our overall health. As someone who has suffered herself from periods of disordered eating, she reiterates why it is so important for us to shift the conversation as athletes towards health and performance and away from weight. Elizabeth also addresses some of the fads we are seeing in diet culture and how, as endurance athletes we can work to see past the short term trends and instead build sustainable nutrition habits that will fuel us to perform at our best for years to come.


You can learn more about Elizabeth and her nutritional coaching services at https://www.inpyn.com/


Visit https://www.fuelin.com/ to get all of the information about the Fuel In app.


Follow Elizabeth on Instagram @inpyn


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