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January 23, 2020

Going Long – Tara Norton (S12E1)

In this Episode

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat with former pro triathlete and current Ultraman World Champion Tara Norton about training for and racing ultras. Tara walks us through her win in 2019 and how crucial her mindset was to pushing through her doubts in the final miles of the grueling event. She shares tips for training for Ultras through long Canadain winters, how much bike training is necessary to make the jump from Ironman to Ultra, and the magic of the Ultra crew. Plus, what’s next for Tara – and it’s not what you’d expect.

Alyssa and Haley contemplate doing a SwimRun together and announce the panel for the Live IronWomen Podcast event happening at the Olympic Trials in Atlanta.

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