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February 20, 2020

Love the Grind – Shawanna White (S12E5)

In this Episode

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat with 3-time marathon champion and legend of the Atlanta running community, Shawanna White. Shawanna talks about the ups and downs of being a runner from recovering from surgery and watching from the sidelines to the joys of racing and being the 5th fastest African American born marathoner. She shares her feelings on narrowly missing the OTQ time by 19 sec and her decision to forgo another attempt. Plus, Shawanna’s tips for dealing with race day anxiety, the benefits of running at your “sexy pace,” and her picks for the women’s marathon Olympic team.

Our hosts answer Amanda’s mailbag questions about time-efficient hacks for triathlon parents and go check out the new Zealios recovery product!

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