August 1, 2019

Outside the Law – Amanda Wendorff (S10E2)

In this Episode

This week, Alyssa and Haley talk to pro triathlete Amanda Wendorff about the crazy conditions at Ironman Cork that led to her first professional podium finish. As a graduate of Harvard law school, Amanda details her experience in big law and her transition from a high profile legal career in Chicago to beginning triathlon in her late twenties. She talks about her turbulent 2018 in which she came back from a bad bike crash, shoulder injury, and mono by continuing to move forward. Also hear about Amanda’s experiences racing around the world in order to stay inspired in the sport.

Plus, Haley talks about her prep for the 70.3 World Championships and Alyssa shares stories of her training weekend in Lake Placid. They also tackle a mailbag question on swimming in warm pools.

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