December 10, 2020

PTO Parental Leave Policies with Sarah Piampiano & Rachel Joyce(S13E35)

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This week Alyssa and Haley are chatting with professional triathletes and Professional Triathletes Organization (PTO) board members Rachel Joyce and Sarah Piampiano. Last month the PTO announced its new parental leave policies that are attempting to address some of the potential issues, such as loss of income and decreases in overall ranking, that female pros face when they take time away from professional racing to raise their children. As the PTO Board Co-President, Rachel gives us some insight into what went into developing the policy, and how the compensation system has been set out. Sarah also fills us in on why this issue was particularly important to her as an expectant mother. The policy comes into effect on January 1st, 2021, and it will allow female professionals to receive up to 15months of paid leave during pregnancy and after giving birth.

We also have a special Challenge Daytona race recap with Alissa Doehla, who placed 11th at the PTO Championships this past Sunday. She dishes on the details of what the race was like from an insider perspective, and breaks down how the day went for her.

Send in your holiday related (or non-holiday related!) mailbag questions to and read more about the PTO Maternity and Parental leave policy at

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