July 30, 2020

The Gorée Project with Skylar Smith – S13E16

In this Episode

This week Alyssa and Haley chat with Skylar Smith, collegiate swimmer and recent graduate of Howard University. As the former captain of the Howard Bisons swim team, Skylar is taking on a new challenge as one of two African-American swimmers selected by the organization Black Kids Swim to participate in the Dakar-Gorée Swim, a 5km open water swim from the mainland of Senegal to Gorée Island. Skylar and her teammate will be the first African American swimmers to participate in the historic event that retraces the same path that enslaved Africans travelled 400 years ago. Skylar takes us through her training and preparation for the trip and tells us how she’s keeping busy outside of swimming as an up-and-coming YouTube sensation.

Support the Black Kids Swim Gorée Project fundraising initiative here and check out Skylar’s YouTube channel for all of her blind-folded cake-baking tips

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