March 4, 2021

The Joy of the Race with Erin Letzring (S14E9)

In this Episode

Happy Women’s History Month to all of our IronWomen listeners. We are kicking off the month with a super fun interview featuring professional dog musher Erin Letzring. Growing up in northern Minnesota, dog sled mushing was a family affair for Erin and her siblings and parents. She walks us through a typical day as a dog musher, and tells us about what goes into training her dogs as well as keeping herself in shape to take on these epic events. Erin also explains the unique relationship that she has with her dog team, and highlights some of the best parts of working with her furry friends.

Follow Erin on Facebook at her page Erin and Friends.

Alyssa and Haley also dish out some triathlon relationship advice in the mailbag this week, and all of the IronWomen community is sending our most positive healing vibes to Alyssa so she can get back to running ASAP!

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