June 2, 2022

The Push to the Finish with Lauren Parker (S17E22)

In this Episode

This is a BIG week for Ironwomen. 1. Haley and Alyssa have the most heartwarming and open conversation with Lauren Parker, and 2. Haley FINALLY gets a quick interview in with Kat Matthews leading up to her Sub8 race happening this weekend. TWO pros, one episode. Get your popcorn folks, it’s a goodie.

Lauren Parker is a two-time para-triathlon world champion. She shares how she feels about her race this past month at St. George, which as we have heard from many, was incredibly challenging – and Lauren did it all with her arms. Using a handcycle for the bike, a race chair for the run, and of course, swimming – Lauren shares the highs and lows of this day. Haley and Alyssa also get to ask Lauren about her silver finish at the Tokyo Paratriathlon, in which Lauren was beaten by less than a second in a sprint finish.

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