May 31, 2018

When Advocacy Chooses You – Kathryn Bertine & Marilyn Chychota (S5E5)

In this Episode

Advocate, activist, author, documentary film maker, former pro triathlete and cyclist and now CEO of the Homestretch Foundation Kathryn Bertine joins Alyssa this week. Hear about Kathryn’s current projects including The Homestretch Foundation, her latest book and the panel she will be leading at the OutSpoken Summit.
Also, expert coach Marilyn Chychota on how to get the best out of your coaching relationship and what exactly does it mean to “train through” a race?
Plus, Haley’s update from Brazil.

The Outspoken Summit:

Marilyn’s Athlete Code of Conduct:

Link to the Homestretch foundation:
Donate to the Homestretch Foundation:
Homestretch Cookbook:

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