January 28, 2021

Write Your Own Story with Nia Obotette (S14E4)

In this Episode

This week on the show Haley and Alyssa are speaking with writer and triathlete Nia Obotette. Nia is the author of the children’s book I Am A Triathlete which was released in 2020. She was inspired to write the book after realizing the widespread lack of representation of people of color in triathlon literature, and wanted to create a way for children like her own niece to see themselves represented in the sport. She hopes that by sharing the adventures of “Niya” through the book, children of color will be inspired to start their own journey into the sport of triathlon. Nia also shares her own journey of finding the sport of triathlon, and encourages all women to share their own unique stories.

You can buy Nia’s book on her website niatheauthor.com or buy it on Amazon and leave her a 5-star review! Follow Nia on Instagram @niatheauthor

Haley also brings us a special mini-interview with Hoka athlete Sika Henry, who was part of the Hoka One One Project Carbon X 2 on January 23rd as a pacer for fellow American Nicole Monette. She tells us about her role as a pacer, and how her marathon training over the last year helped her prepare for the event.

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