July 13, 2021

Perseverance with Whitney Allison (Episode 57)

In this Episode

Welcome back listeners! After a much needed break Kathryn and Kristi are thrilled to be back on the show this week with their awesome guest Whitney Allison. Whitney is a professional cyclist and entrepreneur based in Ft. Collins, CO. We hear about her “everything bikes” business called Bike Sports, as well as the events and programs that she and her husband put on in the area.

Whitney got her start in road cycling in college and quickly progressed up through the ranks to professional cycling. She tells us about the early years of her career, and how a collision with a car and trailer while out on a ride changed the course of her cycling career and led her towards gravel racing.

Follow Whitney on Instagram @whit.allison and as well as her business @bikesportsco and grand fondo race @focofondo

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