July 5, 2022

Replay: The Sport Justice Movement with Dr. Shaun Anderson (Episode 93)

In this Episode

This week, we are sharing a replay from almost a year ago. Our one and only male guest that has been on Un[Phased] has his new book coming out imminently, so we wanted to remind our listeners of Dr. Shaun Anderson and his message.

Dr. Anderson is an associate professor of organizational communications and author of the forthcoming book, The Black Athlete Revolt: The Sport Justice Movement in the Age of #BlackLivesMatter. He reminds us that sport and politics have always been mixed; athletes have long used their public platforms to call out social injustice. The difference now however is that, through social media and other outlets, athletes can control the way that they are engaging in the narratives around social injustice. The next step for all of us in the sporting community, is to begin to use these platforms to push towards engaging in true policy reform. It is not an easy fight; we are pushing against a systematic regime that has been in power for ages, but by educating ourselves, building a platform and speaking out, we can begin to make positive changes in sport and society.

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