January 29, 2020

Newsletter ep. 124: a tiny bit of big news

This week’s intro here is going to be slightly longer. If you didn’t hear, I have a new job. Next week I start as the new Editor-in-Chief of Triathlete Magazine.

This is 1. amazing and 2. insane. It is also, in some ways, bittersweet. Because I’m going to have to say goodbye to all of you. Well, not GOODBYE. You can still yell at me at races and you can still hear lots of my thoughts about triathlon. Just in a different place now. And please do still say hi. 

But next week will be the last newsletter and our last podcast. Maybe we’ll set it to sad music and do a clip show retrospective. I’ll have more to say next week on everything I’ve loved about creating a space here for all our triathlon-ish thoughts, everything we’d really want to talk about if we were riding. For now, though, let’s just get excited about all the new opportunities and things we can do. Nothing is forever, y’all.


A dispatch from TBI 2.0

To me, this photo is in some ways the funniest thing that happened at Endurance Exchange — which I kept accidentally calling TBI 2.0. This guy, Anthony Famiglietti, tried to run the world record two-mile on the treadmill. (Apparently he ran the treadmill mile world record at some other conference.)

The reason it was hilarious to me, though, was it was supposed to happen on Friday at lunch. But then none of the treadmills would go fast enough, so they brought in another treadmill and he warmed up. But oh no! That treadmill needed a software update in order to go fast enough. So it was postponed a day. Totally the same problem I have all the time.

We recorded a “live” podcast episode from the conference this past weekend, so you can listen to all of our “gossip.” In general, the conference was an interesting expansion on the previous TBI years. It was bigger and more focused on the practical — what platforms are most worth your time to grow your business, how can you implement nutritional strategies best for your athletes, what labor laws do you need to know about as a race director. I took a bunch of notes from a talk about critical volume to achieve durability, which now don’t make total sense to me?

So it was a different kind of conference. And, for me, it was also a whirlwind. Lots of talking about the new job, new ideas, new thoughts and suggestions. Lots of talking.

To follow-up on one thing that came up a bunch: What happens next for the PTO?

After last week’s big announcement, there were a lot of questions at the conference about the PTO and the Collins Cup. Some of which we answered in the podcast. I think some of the answers, though, are still TBD. But I can tell you that yes, any pro is going to be able to join as soon as they get a system set up.

There are also a few interviews that had some interesting insight. Sam Renouf, CEO, did a video with Lucy Charles and a podcast with Triathlon Taren. Laura Siddall also talked to Fitter Radio.

Otherwise, you know, I think we just have to wait and see…

Here come the Olympians

IMO, the biggest race result this past week was Flora Duffy’s win at the South Africa 70.3 for one reason and one reason only: Flora’s finally come to 70.3s!!

We’ve seen quite a lot of Olympians making exploratory moves to the half-distance, testing the waters, and securing their 70.3 Worlds spots. My guess is that because 70.3 Worlds is in November it offers a nice back-up and a season ender after the Olympics in Tokyo in August. If I was a betting person I would bet Taupo is going to be siiiiiick.

No comparison

One of the things we don’t need to do is compare male and female athletes: which women could hack it in the men’s race, in the men’s game, who’s good enough to compete against the men? The very notion that somehow this is the pinnacle is both insulting and stupid. Lindsay put it better in PowerPlays after some reporter asked Kobe last week (before the latest news, of course) which female players could play in the NBA. We don’t need external validation. We can be our own thing.



Thoughts & comments

– We answered most of the AMA 2.0 questions on last week’s podcast. So go listen to that.

– Big thanks too for all the congrats on the new job.

– My mom did, however, wants to add that she thinks it’s super fucked up the number of female coaches in the NCAA went down *after* Title IX. I think it’s probably because once there was actually money and prestige, the men wanted the jobs.


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